Home Alone this Christmas?

Each year people spend Christmas alone for a variety of reasons. But this year especially, more people will be spending Christmas by themselves. You may be living away from your family and unable to go home, perhaps due to travel restrictions or needing to self-isolate. You may not have a close relationship with your familyContinue reading “Home Alone this Christmas?”

How to spend less this Christmas, without feeling guilty!

Christmas can be expensive at the best of times, and with some of the financial challenges 2020 has presented us with, this year might feel all the more overwhelming when thinking about the cost of Christmas… So, here’s some thoughts on how you can spend less this Christmas, without the added guilt! ​First of all,Continue reading “How to spend less this Christmas, without feeling guilty!”

7 Acts of Kindness you can still do whilst Social Distancing

Ideas of how to spread a little kindness to others – this year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week.